Colour Therapy Twist

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Discover the Healing Power of Colour

Colourful vibrant books have gained popularity for their therapeutic calming properties. It is an activity that used to be reserved for children only. Not so now! Today, even adults love colourful books to pass the time or relieve stress. Turn to Colour Therapy Twist in the UK if you are looking for therapeutic books that help promote wellness and mindfulness.

Keep Calm With Colourful Books

I am an author and a colour therapist who is passionate about creating vibrant books for everyone. No matter your age, you will surely enjoy the colourful bright happy pages of my creations. To learn more about colour therapy please click here. You may also watch the video below to have a glimpse of my books.

BLUE IN THE TOOTH: Teeth Hygiene with a Colour Therapy Twist!

Book Excellence Award Finalist